Obstetrics and Gynecology (3) for USMLE, MCCEE, PLAB, FCPS, PDMC,MRCP………

A 21 year old woman G1P0 on her 5th month of pregnancy visits her doctor for a prenatal visit. Her ultrasonography shows twin pregnancy, a male and a female.

Which of the following is the most likely type of placenta found in this pregnancy?

A- Monochorionic monoamniotic

B- Monochorionic diamniotic

C- Dichorionic monoamniotic

D- Dichorionic diamniotic


The placenta of different gender twins (fraternal twins) is most likely to be dichorionic diamniotic.

The correct answer is D

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    • These questions are for all medical boards and not only for USMLE. I am adding questions almost everyday to help all medical students and graduates. Thank you for your comment.


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